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Our Company

Learning and growing but rooted in a strong foundation of skill and experience. McMahon Construction Services is passionate about helping our customers build their dreams.

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Our Story

Daniel McMahon’s passion for building started at a young age when he, as a young boy visiting family in New Jersey, drew up plans for a family room addition and redwood deck for his aunt’s house. Throughout high school he would spend summers working with his wood-shop teacher repairing the docks at the Richmond Yacht club. Throughout all of these experiences Daniel never lost his passion for hands on building which prompted him, as an adult, to found McMahon Construction Services.

For more than twenty-six years McMahon Construction Services has been serving Northern California with their in depth knowledge and hands on experience in both residential and commercial settings. From home repairs and remodels to commercial property a professional approach to constructing quality projects which meet budget and schedule goals is of top priority.

As fully licensed and insured general contractors our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and unrivaled quality. Along with our dependability, drive, and integrity; we take great pride in our work and believe in building your dream into your reality.

Core Values


Honesty, transparency, and thoroughness; all of these are highly valued and speak of our integrity which we work to exhibit in not only our work, but our daily lives as well.


Our work speaks volumes as to who we are and we take great pride in not only the craftsmanship, but the overall experience we want to provide throughout the process.


We understand the importance of close coordination and communication with our clients. By working diligently we are able to ensure the proper implementation of our plans throughout our work.


We take the time to observe and work out each and every detail no matter the size, while learning and growing with our clients throughout the entirety of the project.


We challenge the status quo by solving problems in new ways. Providing leadership in our industry allows us to maintain our creative edge and learn from ourselves as well as others as we move forward.